The Team:


Shourya Srivastava

Founder and President

Having participated in numerous MUNs and gaining knowledge and experience from these experiences, Shourya always thought that there is a need to do something for friends and fellow students who do not get an opportunity to participate in MUNs. He also thought that while there is significant focus on MUNs, there was a need for a forum that could help students appreciate the working of Indian Parliament and Indian State Assemblies.

Aryan Pandhi

Head of Administration

The extremely tenacious and intelligent Aryan has been a vital part of organising MUNs before. While public speaking may not be his forte, his diligence and presence of mind make him a must for any endeavour of our organisation.

Karamjyot Chawla

Head of Finance

Besides being part of the organising team of two MUNs and taken part in many more, Karamjyot is an accomplished athlete who has organised a football tournament, “The Charity Cup”, whose proceeds went towards an NGO that provides for books for the underprivileged. An extremely dependable co-worker who has the perfect brain for the field of finance.

Dhvani Dalal

Head of Marketing

Dhvani is a veteran in the field of Marketing with this being the fourth organisation of whose she has been marketing head. The sweet and persuasive Dhvani Dalal can convince anybody to do almost everything and she has a must have for conducting a successful event.

Yash Goenka

Head of Security

A Mumbai City FC football player and a true sportsperson, Yash is the ideal marshal-at-arms proper disciplinarian and is always able to keep proceedings under control. In addition to this, he brings with him his superior MUNning experience, exceptional vocational skills and a very resourceful attitude.

Adviti Bali

Head of Photography

The extremely amiable and ever smiling Adviti Bali has the skill needed to capture the beauty of the World through the lens.Her creative skills and industrious attitude makes her a valuable asset to our team

Parth Bhatia

Head of Logistics

Parth is essential to the working of the entire organisation due to his resourcefulness and his ability to work hard and come up with solutions to problems. He is an ideal head of logistics as brings with himself a technological edge to the role.